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Who We Are?

The International Support Network of Alienated Families (ISNAF), is a support network for those suffering the pain and bewilderment of losing a child due to the dynamics of parental alienation.



You've Come to the right place

We are the International Support Network of Alienated Families (ISNAF). As a group of “targeted” parents and families members, we meet to provide support and education for one another. There are many excellent websites about “Parental Alienation” (some listed on our Resources Page). Our monthly meetings make us unique, sharing our experiences, pain, resources, information, support and hope. We meet in person, through Skype and by phone. Our goal and hope is to be healthily reunited with our children. We long for the day our children have a strong enough “Self” inside them to listen to their voice, not the one inculcating them against us. We want our children to be able to love both parents, and family members without guilt. Our group consists of different experiences, ranging emotions and various kinds of contact with our children. Another parent or family member is “targeting” us to annihilate us from our children’s lives. We are targeted parents and family members of alienated children.