ISNAF has created Roundtables to train parents how to be more powerful in their challenges with PA. Each focused roundtable was created after we observed the need for parents to develop their skills to manage their cases and lives effectively. There are several topics for the Roundtables, each with a different focus. We continue to add new topics as we observe areas to empower families in.

Each Roundtable is comprised of four participants and a facilitator. They are four weeks meeting once a week for two hours. In these groups you will have the opportunity to work closely with others dealing with similar circumstances. These groups are experiential as you will take the knowledge gained each week and practice those skills during the week. Putting the tools into action weekly helps you make progress week to week allowing you to address your challenges and overcome obstacles.

These groups are interactive getting feedback and giving feedback to the other participants. Having others offer ideas is an effective means of support and also offers validation to each of the participants.

These are the current Topics available. 

Boundaries Roundtable

In this program you will understand why boundaries are critical to your entire well being. You will identify where you have weak boundaries and create healthy boundaries while learning how to enforce your healthy boundaries. When you have strong healthy boundaries you will no longer have abusive personalities in your life. Abusive people migrate to people with weak boundaries.

Communications / Negotiation Roundtable

This program was designed to give you the tools necessary to manage your case and interfacing with the multitude of people you will have to deal with.  Some of these include Attorneys, Minors Council, GAL, Therapists, Evaluators, Teachers, Administrators, Police, Child Protective Services, Friends, Family and the community at large.  You will learn how to identify personalities and their needs so you can effectively communicate with them to achieve your desired results.  Learning these skills is imperative to being powerful in managing your PA case.

Reunification Strategies Roundtable

In this group you will learn the things that need to be in place for children to be available to reunify.  You have more power than you know.  This group talks about what can be done to attract your children back into your life.  As a group you create individual action plans to take into your week, arriving back to the following session with your results and discussing any challenges.  The group works together to help resolve any challenges.  If you have procrastinated reaching out to your alienated child or you just don’t know what to do this group will help you move forward with support and compassion. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzke

If you are interested in participating in one of these programs email Cindy at [email protected] for the next program commencement date.  There is a $100 donation for each of the programs.