Lft to Rt 1st Row – Dr. Stephen Miller, Dr. Amy Baker, Dr. William Bernet, Linda Gottlieb LMFT, LCSW, Brian Ludmer Esq., Dr. Michael Bone
Lft to Rt 2nd Row – Catherine MacWillie, Dr. Jane Shatz, George Ross ISNAF /President, Dr. Katherine Andre, Dr. Douglas Darnall,  Michelle Lowrence Esq., Pat Hurst ISNAF, Doug Wolf ISNAF, Dr. Kathleen Reay, Robert Samery, Michael Conzachi ISNAF, Dr. Rebecca Bailey, Cindy Hirsch ISNAF / CEO

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Cindy Hirsch, CEO

Pat Hurst, Director of Marketing

Dr. John Conca, Director of Legislative Activities/Advocacy

Martin Monkewicz, Director of Education

AnnaMarie Lopez,  Social Media Coordinator 

Dr. Amy Baker, PhD.

Dr. William Bernet, M.D.

Dr. Michael J. Bone, PhD.

Linda Gottlieb Kase, LMFT-LCSW

Brian Ludmer, Esq.

Catherine MacWillie

Lynn Steinberg, PhD., MFT

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Steven Miller.  He was a huge contribution to ISNAF.  We will always treasure his work and the knowledge he imparted in the PA community. He will be dearly missed.