Parent Coaching

ISNAF understands a parent’s challenges firsthand and now offers personal coaching. You can speak personally with Cindy Hirsch the CEO of ISNAF and an alienated parent who has been through the challenges of PA.

We will schedule a one-hour appointment where we will review your challenges and work together to create new possibilities for moving forward. Some of the areas we will review with you are the emotional challenges of holidays, birthdays, graduations etc… preparing yourself for appearing in court or mediation, interfacing with your children, dealing with police departments, child protective services, the school administration and the community at large or any other challenging topic inside PA.


If you have felt misunderstood and powerless feel free to schedule an appointment to talk about how you can powerfully move forward with many of the challenges of PA.

It is important to understand this is not a therapeutic program however we are parents that understand firsthand the challenges one undergoes inside the dynamics of PA. These calls are intended to offer you additional support during challenging times. For an appointment please contact Cindy at [email protected]. We ask for a nominal donation of $75 an hour which goes to further the programs of ISNAF.


Parent Coaching Program Information Request

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