What parents say about ISNAF

“Many meetings and conference calls later, I’m glad to say that the collective expertise of ISNAF is an invaluable resource for parents….. but most importantly, I’ve found that I’m not alone.”
of young adult Son and Daughter
“I came to my first ISNAF meeting feeling desperate and distraught because my teenage daughter was severely alienated from me and I was embroiled in a high conflict divorce. I found validation at the ISNAF support group with people who understood firsthand my struggle and heartache. I received valuable input and information, fortunately now my daughter and I are enjoying a loving, healthy relationship. I'm grateful ISNAF was there for me at my time of need as they helped me in ways no one else could.”​
of 21 year-old Daughter
“While my custody case went sideways in family court, if I had the ISNAF Handbook I would have handled things differently. Alienating a parent from their children is child abuse and the handbook offers must know basics in understanding PA, how to parent inside PA, how to select qualified professionals and a plan to get your judge to ferret out the truth. The Handbook is awesome!”
of 13 year-old Daughter

“I’m so grateful to have found ISNAF and take part in their monthly support group calls. I no longer feel alone and misunderstood in the alienation that took place with my children and the estrangement that continues now that they’re adults.”

“I’ve also gotten a lot of information on Parental Alienation that I didn’t know existed until I found the ISNAF website and contacted the organization.”
of Daughter age 23 and Son age 24
“I learned of ISNAF in 2010 on the radio announcing a Conference on PA. I have attended their monthly support group meetings, conferences, symposium and various workshops. After undergoing PA alone and in a high conflict financially depleting legal case, I found knowledge, hope and support. ISNAF was able to connect me with professionals that truly understood PA. I now have a community of professionals and other parents that share their personal stories of failures and successes all of which I learn from regularly. After spending years in court, my children became alienated adults. I continue in my efforts to connect with them. ISNAF continues to be an incredible source of information, knowledge and support.”​
of two Sons currently 21 and 26
“I am a father of two beautiful girls and I lost my youngest daughter to Parental Alienation when she was only nine years old. I was introduced to ISNAF shortly thereafter. When dealing with this terrible form of abuse, you feel completely alone and helpless. ISNAF made me feel like I wasn't alone in this and that they were going to lobby and fight until PA was not only recognized by the courts, but that future children and parents did not have to suffer this horrible abuse. I believe in ISNAF and everything they stand for!”
Father of 14 year-old Daughter
“I found out about ISNAF through a friend who found information about the organization online. Subsequently I met with George and thought it would be a valuable experience for me to become involved. After attending several meetings, I realized how important the support and information I received were to my well being. I spent nearly 10 years in and out of family court, but ultimately lost custody of my children Both are still estranged from me, but through my work with ISNAF I have managed to keep periodic contact with them. I feel without ISNAF's help, I would have never been able to keep a connection to my children which one day I believe will lead to reconciliation.”
of Daughter 26 & Son 20
“I was referred to ISNAF about two years ago. I had been suffering from the dynamics of PA. I did not understand what was happening to me and my children. I felt alone, scared, hopeless and confused. I could not understand why my children hated me and no longer loved me. What did I do to make them feel this way about me? Why, how, could this be happening?”

“My first call was with the CEO of ISNAF Cindy Hirsch. She spoke to me for over an hour. For the first time in 8 months, I did not feel alone. I gained an understanding of what was happening to my children. More importantly, I learned that my children DID still love me and DID still want me in their lives; they could not express it for their sake.”

“I continued with support group calls and in-person meetings. The Co-President of ISNAF George Ross hosted my first support group call that I attended. Like Cindy, George is full of knowledge and sincere compassion. It gave me an opportunity to listen and speak with other parents/grandparents/family members suffering from the same dynamics. ISNAF helped me to understand, believe in myself and never give up; especially during those times that I felt as if I am in this dark, suffocating tunnel without any light showing me a way out. ISNAF with its support, resources, and education has given me the light I need.”
of Daughters 11 and 13
”After six (6) years of battling rejection and some of the most horrific verbal abuse by my then 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son, in the fall of 2010, I found ISNAF after a search on the internet. Initially, Dr. Amy Baker suggested I talk to ISNAF. I went to my first in person meeting in Santa Clarita at someone’s home with six other parents that were experiencing the very same thing. It was at that point, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Throughout the next few years, ISNAF taught me through their extensive resources of in person meetings, conference calls, books, nationwide experts, symposiums, and conferences the “do’s and dont’s” when it comes to Parent Alienation. If I knew then, what I know now, or even earlier in my fight to have a relationship with my children, I would have done things much differently. ISNAF has supported me ever since 2010, and if not for that first meeting, I might still be alienated from my children. Thankfully, and with much credit to the leaders of ISNAF, I have reunited with my children since 2013, and have a great relationship with both of them.“
of a Son and Daughter both young adults